Clean Ganga programme of Govt of India

 National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) - Namami Gange programme of Government of India

Let us think why the Ganga is dirty as on today and when it was very clean in past say 100 years or say 200 years back. Let us compare the population, number of people visiting holy places along Ganga,  Ganga is having so many tributaries like Yamuna etc. The sharp increase in population is the major cause of pollution of Ganga, as this increases the most of the adverse activities like construction of commercial complexes, industrial activities, increased requirement of water for agriculture, domestic, industrial uses, This has changed the ecology of the Ganga basin and its sub basins. Yamuna is so dirty today that its water is unsuitable for  drinking, agriculture and other uses. i suggest the Government of India and Ganga basin state governments must enact law to ensure that the people living in Ganga basin do not have more than two children, otherwise they will be suitably punished. All the factories in Ganga basin should be shut down, till they construct water purification plants of proper capacity to purify water coming out of their factories. If any factory is found releasing untreated waste water in natural drainage channels, then it must be shut down permanently. The municipal corporations must treat their waste water before it’s release in natural drainage channels. All the mini Hydro power plants constructed on tributaries of Ganga be dismantled so that water may flow in tributaries of Ganga freely. We have enough electricity from Tehri Dam constructed across Ganga. There is tremendous wasteful use of water in agriculture sector. The government may look into it and reduce the water availability to agriculture sector, so that sufficient water is available for dry whether flow in natural drainage channels  of  Ganga and its tributaries like Yamuna. There are so many other steps which must be taken for Namami Gange Project, if the BJP government is serious about it.