Eearth : We do what we believe

Eearth : We do what we believe

We humans do what we believe.

This is to say that we act on the basis of our beliefs.

If we believe, for example, that the purpose of the firm is to maximise shareholder value, then we will act in a way to treats money as more important than happiness and a healthy environment.

However, within that 'unsustainable' belief system are seeds that can be used to foster sustainability.

Consider, for example, the fact that if we destroy the environment, there will be no humans, no shareholders and no profit.

This internal logic can be used to help shape the original belief system to make it sustainable.

For example, this might be to change just three letters : max to opt, thus, the purpose of the firm is to optimise shareholder value.

The same approach can be used with respect the religious beliefs held by the residents of the Ganges catchment.

It is proposed to investigate the opportunities associated with these belief systems to encourage a new way of seeing the Ganges, and behaviours that relate to the mighty river's wellbeing.