Flood plains of India - Flood damage data

While the Ganga river and the Brahmaputra river regions make for the areas most prone to floods, states like Orissa suffers from the wrath of river Mahanadi, when the degraded mangrove system makes the region more susceptible to damage


Flushed with water
Floods are not avoidable, but the damage they cause are. Only if the cause is understood and precautions taken

Much of the problem of floods is due to drainage congestion.

On occasions floods are caused by mismanagement of water reservoirs

Despite 157 flood forecasting stations in India, the country still loses hundreds of lives and crores worth of property.

Flood of misery

The average loss over the past four decades shows the havocfloods wreak

Land area affected        7.56 million hectare
Population affected       32.03 million
Human lives lost       1,504
Livestock lost       96,713
Houses damaged      11,683
Houses damaged(cost) Rs  136.615 crore
Crop damaged Rs   460.07    crore
Public utilities damaged Rs  377.248 crore
TOTAL LOSSES Rs   982.126 crore