Rivers' Surfaces Covered by Transparent Photo-Voltaic Panels?

Rivers' Surfaces Covered by Transparent Photo-Voltaic Panels?

"Could Rivers' Surfaces Be Covered by Transparent Photo-Voltaic Panels, at Appropriate Elevations and Intervals; Producing Power/Reduce Evaporation?"

This is merely only an idea coming into mind, after reading the following news item:

World's largest solar-powered bridge opens in London;

Blackfriars rail station secures half its power from 4,400 roof-mounted solar panels, reports BusinessGreen


 I wonder if the same could be applied all over the rivers surfaces worldwide, inside and outside the cities in which rivers are flowing through; to be roofed at appropriate elevations and intervals, with "TRANSPARENT SOLAR PANELS." though. This not only might produce so much solar power but will also mitigate evaporation:
  Just a river, as an example, out of many worldwide:


 This idea could be also applied on dams reservoirs, at least at the littoral areas: 

Finally, also greenhouse cultivation could be annexed to such overhead TRANSPARENT solar panels facilities.

Best regards
Mashallah Ali-Ahyaie