The modular breakwater-power plant.

Why must WEC-devices swing on waves? Maybe waves could rotate it?

I have an interesting concept of the modular breakwater-power plant.
Now I'm looking to get investments for my project and move up to a higher level.
We set out for one american investment competition - GIST 2016 and came to the semi-final and here I need your help. Because for entering to final I need to come upon 30 the best from 100. And measure of success is your online voices. '

The site has a video and my explanation of the technology.
And it is very suitable for the island states!0_1Ce4alj8TE6UolTIFkvUjbD83wUjox8aPhvOxfrQ3Mc4oPD3NPNUYBDh_oIUUlaFcPNREsu5K_wUHmlSCdJBJE26F_wRHmpmFdJVulrQtMV-HJSFFSdRo5UN59

1. Go to this link and sign up (registration is really short)
2. Then move to this link and find me "Mykhailo Lytovchenko"
You can give your voice everyday until 1st May
Heeeelp me, please!!!