Water crisis in Gwadar.

Gwader a sea port and a small city located in Balochistan province of Pakistan about 700 km away from city of Karcachi.The city is currently known for CPEC project which is signed between China and Pakistan.The Govt of pakistan is  claiming CPEC project will convert the area into mega city .Around 46 billion is expected to spend on the project which will open a new economic cooridor for the entire region but the ground realities are different.The people of Gwadar are not provided with the basic necessities they are not facilitated with hospital, schools and one of the most basic need required for survival that is clean and safe drinking water.

People have faced three year drought which has brought acute drinking water shortage With the passage of time the water crisis is emerging rapidly with leaving around 100,000 people with no access to clean drinking water. The native of Gwadar have no choice but to buy expansive water which costs 11000 to 15000 per tanker which is beyond the reach of poor community. 

 The women and children suffering badly from water crisis they take jars and bucket on their heads to carry out water from miles away to meet their domestic needs and travel from far places to wash their clothes. The Akara Kaur dam is the source to provide water to Gwadar and near areas. The dam has almost dried up because of the prolonged drought. The dam was built in 1990, since that the people have used the water for their needs, but now it has failed to keep up the water  Many promises have been made for but nothing done Water is the basic need of every human being, so government is failed to provide the water, means the basic requirement of the Gwadar people are not being provided then how government will provide other facilities

The water shortage is a huge problem for the citizens of Gwadar that the provincial government is failed to resolve it. The tanker mafia are taking benefits from this, and they are looting the poor people. Even some poor people cannot afford three times of food, so how can they buy water?There is a need to construct a new dam for the people humanitarian organization should step forward to convince and force Govt autorities to solve these issues.