Zero Discharge STP - New Benchmark Set


Its a very big day for us. Today, we fulfilled our dream of not allowing a single drop of sewage or industrial discharge into GANGA.

Today we successfully tested "KEVAT"  a new technology that achieves 100% zero charge from sewage treatment plants and produces 3 byproduct.

  1. Clean drinking water
  2. Bio rich fertilizer.
  3. Clean electricity.

The technology can be scaled down (flow capacity & size) to be fitted in a co-op society or factory to handle a few thousand LPD or can be scaled up to handle an area/locality to handle 1-10 MLD per day. The technology is also designed to handle fluctuating loads of 1: 5

CAPEX - OPEX :  30-35% lesser than STP. Sale of clean water and fertilizer reduce this further to 50-60%

KEVAT brings in a new terminology STS - SEWAGE TREATMENT at SOURCE.  This means sewage lines will be hungry and dry all day. Days of centralized sewage treatment are over.

We invite subject matter experts and scientists to scrutinize this technology.


Thank you and Warm Regards

Dilip Bhanushali

CleanTech Inventor | CEO

OMiOM Energy India Pvt Ltd

Mumbai, India