Why Permit Effluents to Escape the Battery Limits of Owners?

It is very ​agonising to ​observe that ​sewerage & ​waste water ​generated with ​in ownership ​area of Owners (​Colony/ ULB) ​ and ​industrial ​effluents ​generated by ​Industries or ​Industry ​clusters are ​allowed to let ​the liquids ​flow out of ​their ownership ​battery limits ​so that they ​don't have ​to bear the ​costs of ​processing but ​it does not ​change the ​macro-​environmental ​reality and ​increases the ​costs and ​burden of the ​recipient. ​

For small ​Institutional ​Owners, Govt. ​implements ZLD ​policy strictly ​but why the ​same is not ​implemented on ​Industry ​clusters, ULBs, ​SPCBs, ​Districts ​and States?