Bob Moore, Research and Development Manager, Sales, Marketting at Hydrosmart

Bob Moore, Research and Development Manager, Sales, Marketting at HydrosmartHydrosmart is a powerful and proven water treatment system for borewater/wellwater and can also be widely used in mining and commercial industries, wherever environmental waters are used profitably. It flushes scale and salt from systems, so allowing infrastructure to function as intended. "Systems" here also includes soil, yes it flushes salinity away from soil. Farmers absolutely love it.  our website is at and the number is +61883573334. Call us for a quote on your pipe size. Prefab pipes sections can be supplied or Hydrosmart can be wound on your existing pipe by your engineers. Modulated electrical fields at a specific set of frequencies, affect the water in the pipe, treating every drop. Any flow rate, and content analysis. These are unaffected while the downstream outcomes are significantly affected. Clear your sprays and drippers of calcium scale, desalinate your soil to see your crops boom again, along with turf and gardens. Dewater your mines efficiently, recycle your wastewater. Scientific trials history includes US patent, Australian government research and development, proven business and application track records.