Vinod Bodhankar

Vinod Bodhankar

President, Jalbiradari, Pune District (Protection & Rejuvenation of Rivers)

Secretary & Director foir Environment Projects, The Academic Advisors (NGO, Pune, Maharashtra)

Joint Director, Sagarmitra Abhiyaan designed and implemented by The Academic Advisors

Two important current projects:

a. Am a member of Jalbiradari's Agrani River Rejuvenation Team and active since February 2013.

b. Designer and Co-Founder & Co-Director of Sagarmitra Abhiyaan. Solid waste management (Plastics) recollection and recycling project. 113 schools & 1,08,000 volunteers in Pune, Maharashtra. This program is active in 5 cities with 1,50,000 students involved. The latest city where Sagarmitra Abhiyaan is implemented is New York, USA - from 2015 onwards.