Isle Utilities

Isle Utilities

Isle ​Utilities (Isle)​ is a ​water ​consultancy ​with a global ​team of ​engineers and ​scientists ​experienced in ​water, waste ​and energy ​sectors. ​Isle â€‹sources new ​water ​technologies on ​water ​utlities' ​behalf and runs ​a global ​programme of ​innovation ​meetings, the ​purpose of ​which is to ​accelerate ​market uptake ​of new ​technologies.​  ​

The programme,​ initiated in ​2005, is ​jointly funded ​by around 100 ​of the ​company's ​water utility ​clients on a ​subscription ​basis (​utilities ​typically ​allocate a ​portion of R&D ​spend to pay ​for membership, ​thereby ​covering their ​external ​technology ​search ​requirements). ​This is a ​crucial point, ​it allows the ​company to ​offer the ​programme as a ​free service to ​technology ​companies. ​Consequently, ​technologies ​are assessed ​purely on ​technical merit ​and industry ​fit, not an ​ability to pay ​for participation.​  ​

This ​programme of ​innovation ​meetings is ​well established ​in the global ​water sector. ​Events are held ​regularly in ​the EU, US and ​Australia. ​Additionally, ​the programme ​is expanding ​into other ​regions, ​including ​Brazil, the ​Philippines and ​New Zealand.​  ​

Isle has ​a thorough ​technical ​understanding ​of water ​production, ​waste water ​treatment and ​the technology ​requirements of ​water utilities.​ New technologies ​are assessed ​through one or ​more phone ​calls or ​meetings. SMEs ​with suitable ​technologies ​will be asked ​to submit a ​short technical ​description; ​this is all ​that is ​required to ​participate. If ​invited to a ​meeting, ​technology ​companies, with ​help to prepare ​for the pitch, ​will pitch to a ​large group of ​utility ​representatives ​(typically ​technical and ​scientific ​staff) from a ​number of ​regional water ​utilities in a ​closed door ​meeting (only ​the one ​technology ​company and the ​water utilities ​will be in ​attendance).​  ​

Approximately ​75% of ​technology ​companies that ​are invited to ​pitch at a ​meeting realise ​new opportunities ​to work with ​the attendant ​water utilities,​ with a total ​of 205 ​presentations ​taking place in ​2014 (some SMEs ​are interested ​in more than ​one region). It ​is also an ​invaluable ​chance to ​elicit feedback ​from an ​audience with ​unparalleled ​water-sector ​technical ​expertise. ​Additionally, ​Isle can link ​water-tech SMEs ​with investors; ​over £â€‹400m funding ​has been ​secured in this ​way to date (​May 2015). ​

This service ​can be suitable ​for water-tech ​SMEs at any ​stage of ​development. ​Even companies ​that are well ​established in ​certain regions ​can benefit ​from exposure ​to overseas ​markets.  ​

We are ​looking for pre-​commercial ​technologies ​that are beyond ​the state of ​art and ​approximately 1-​2 years from ​market. ​Isle â€‹offers a ​services ​agreement to ​facilitate the ​process. ​