A guide on how to Use Bhuvan Ganga App.

A guide on how to Use Bhuvan  Ganga App.

Dear all we know that the - A mobile app for public participation in Clean Ganga Mission is launched.

I would like to give you simple tips on how best to use the App.

Intorduction for the App: Bhuvan Ganga App is a user-friendly mobile application to enable public to collect and report information on various pollution sources that affects the water quality of river Ganga.

Download App here:


How to use the App:

1. Download the app - Create your proifle. The details required to be entered under "Profile" are 1) User ID, 2) Your Name. 3) Your Mobile Number and 4) Your Organisation. After entering all the details, you may tap "Save" and the app will take you to home page automatically.

2. You can do the following operation now:

1) Collecting location information using GPS

2) Taking photograph of the location.

3) Adding additional information about the location if you wish.

4) Sending the collected information to Bhuvan Ganga server.

A detailed manual you can see here at Bhuvan website . Here all the fuctions of the App are explained in a very deatiled way.


I have used the App and liked it as a STRAT of the work.

We may give some feedback and suggetions here to make it better and help the mision move real fast.