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Mission Ganga KMThis community is for all the professionals, technology providers, academia, etc to support the Namami Gange program by the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG). All are encouraged to share innovative technologies/research, relevant data, and feedback that aids the success of the program.

Singapore, German firms join hands to build water infra in India | Technology

Indian Youth Parliment

Indian Youth Parliment

Green method of invasive organisms removal by natural filtration of shipping ballast water

Indian Unveils Web-Based Water Quality Monitoring System for River Ganges

Worsening water quality in Ganga’s lower stretches and what it means for us

New waste water treatment technology brings hope for India’s polluted rivers

OASE Professional CyanoClear eliminate Algal bloom from Ganga water in Varanasi

Fresh water pollution by Leather Industries: Solutions for sustainability!

Ganga flows cleaner though just marginally

Varanasi to get new lease of life with new sewage treatment plants

New STPs in Patna to stop sewage flow into Ganga

10 critical steps for Ganga revival

Flood-like Situation in Prayagraj as Ganga & Yamuna Swell Due to Rins (Video)

The City of Patna Getting One Step Closer to Ensuring 100% Sewage Collection and Treatment

VA Tech Wabag Gets Rs 1,187 Crore Order from BUIDCO

Ensuring a Drought Free Future for Marginalised Communities

WABAG to treat over 100 crore litres of sewage under Namami Gange to ensure Aviral and Nirmal Ganga

Ganga River Water Still Unfit For Drinking and Bathing, Only Seven Areas Remain Safe

Trickling filter process - Advantages in comparison to activated sludge

Urgent News: Bacteria Found in Excreta Far Beyond Permissible Limit in Ganga

NHAI to Shut Ganga Water Plant in Peak Summer Due to Works on the New Expressway Project

Introducing new video tutorial channel

A cleaner Ganga: NDA’s unfulfilled promise

Government claims clean Ganga work is on fast pace after India Today TV's report

Stone crushers operating on banks of Ganga to be shutdown

UN Environment Report Reminds Us that Sewage Treatment remains Crucial for Human Health

Scientists Sail on Boat to Map Polluted Areas on India's Watercourse

WABAG to Ensure a Cleaner Ganga at Kanpur by Treating the Most Challenging Tannery Effluent

Yamuna River to be Cleaned by the Same Model Used for Ganga Cleanup During Kumbh Mela

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Found in Ganga Waters

National Environmental Engineering Research Institute

Ganga Basin States Could See Crop Failures Rise and Drinking Water Shortage Go Up

India and Europe Working Together for Cleaner Ganges


Developmental Trends in The Water Quality Monitoring Techniques - A report

Study Shows That 70% Towns Along Ganga Let Out Garbage Directly Into the River

Ganga Water Quality Has Improved, says Indian Government

Trash Talk: Ganga Pollution (Video)

Announcing Water Digest Water Awards 2018-19

Innovative PPP Model For Ganga Wins World Bank Sustainable Development Award

49% of Ganga Has High Biodiversity, but Rest Is Adversely Affected: Study

A Drying Ganga could Stall Food Security and Prevent Achieving SDGs

The Kiwi company helping to clean up the Ganges

Punjab preparing report on checking river water pollution

Once a river, Ganga is now a nullah in UP

Five-point plan to clean the Ganga

Ganga lament to Centre from Nitish

Cleaner production for cleaner future.

More men, machines to monitor Ganga water

Work begins on turning sewage spot in Rishikesh into ‘selfie point’

Ganga Haritima (Geening) Campaign Song

Space Technologies to Help Improve Environmental and Living Conditions at Banks of the Ganges

Climate Smart Makeover of Indo-Gangetic Plain Rice-Wheat Landscapes

Water management

500 Turtles Released in River Ganga with an Aim to Cleanse it

An Exchange for Ganga Waste Management in the Offing

The "No Plastic to the Sea Conference" was a succes!

Nitin Gadkari Gets Rs 500 Crore Commitment for Clean Ganga Mission

Adoption of Dutch Water Management System in India


Centre Turns to ‘Sewage-eating’ Microbes to Treat Ganga Water

Q&A: 'Waterman' Rajendra Singh loses hope as India runs out of groundwater

Nitish Nod for Creating Organic Clusters along Banks of Ganga

No to Dumping of ‘Ritualistic Material’ into Ganga, NEERI Says

35 Million Litres of Untreated Sewage Flows into Ganga Daily in Haridwar

A Project That Will Rehabilitate and Develop the Ghats

Green Growth and the Youth

Permeable Pavements for Groundwater and Soil Management

Brief Overview of Historic and Scientific Facts about Ganga Pollution

Climate Change & Biodiversity

Crematoriums ​Along Ganga Go ​Eco-friendly ​

Strict Punishment in Store for Those Hurting Ganga

Projects Approved for Total Sewage Treatment Along 4 Ganga Cities

Environmentalists and Ganga Activists Demand a Ban on Mining

On Foot-campaign to Raise Awareness on Ganga Conservation

National Mission for Clean Ganga Calls for a Creative Pitch

Belgium to Help Uttarakhand in Ganga Cleaning Programme

Biodiversity Profile of Ganga Being Reconstructed

Israel To Aid Uttar Pradesh in Cleaning Ganga

India to Connect Ganga with NE States Through Bangladesh

Ganga ​Pollution: ​Experts to Take ​Call on Who's to be Blamed

NGT Shuts 13 Polluting Industries Along Ganga River

Waterless Chrome Technique to Stop Pollution in Ganga

Sewage in Ganga is the future of energy

Pollutants in Ganga Destroying Purifying Algae Colonies

Ganga Patrol Team Planned to Check Pollution

Ganges Clean-up in a Shambles, Modi Intervenes


Wildlife Institute of India to Survey Aquatic Fauna in Ganga

Resolving Disputes Over Assets Along Ganga

Joint ​​Study to ​Examine the Feasibility of ​Ganga Barrage Project

Only 13 of 145 Ganga Projects Completed

Only 10% of 'Clean Ganga Fund' from Private Firms

Bavaria Could ​Help India With ​its Danube ​Experience

Non-veg ​Turtles to Help ​in Ganga ​Cleaning

Govt to Punish 1,000 Polluting Industries Along Ganga

Monitoring of ​Real-time ​Pollution Data ​from Ganga

Centre to Aware People on Arsenic Groundwater in Ganga Plains

Study of Ganga ​to Determine ​Population of ​Aquatic ​Life

UK Earth Observation Experts to Study Ganga Plain

River Ganga Unlikely To Be Cleaned Up By 2018

Ganga Coal Transportation Endangering Gangetic Dolphins?

Desiltation ​Can Improve ​Only ​Rivers' ​Hydraulic ​Performance

NGT Orders Inspection of Ganga Floodplains

Ayala Water & Ecology to Clean up Yamuna in India

Geologist Sails Across Ganga to Raise Pollution Alarm

Comprehensive Plan to Stop Ganga Sewage Spills Needed

Government Seeks Corporate Assistance To Clean Ganga

Centre to Fund Leather Industry to Check Ganga Pollution

20,000 Youths in Ganga Basin States to Deployed as ‘Swachhta Doots’

SC Urges Govt. to File Status Report on Ganga Rejuvenation

A Proposal on Dolphin Centres on Ganga

NGT Asks NMCG to Give Details of Industrial Clusters near Ganga

Can Turtles Play a Part in Ganga Clean-Up?

Projects Under Namami Gange to be Executed Soon in Haridwar

Startups Are Helping to Clean the Ganga River

NGT Urged NP to Give Details of Industry Clusters Near Ganga

A BUVAD Documentary on The Bottle Bricks Innovation for Nature Conservation.

Zero intake of fresh water in sugar industry

Industrial Water Pollution in India

Major Obstacles in the Ganga Cleaning Project

Bioprospecting Hot Spring Metagenome: Lipase for the Production of Biodiesel

2,000 Cops Lined Up for Deployment at Ganga Ghats

Water crisis in Gwadar.

Enrolling Hindus in the battle to save the sacred river.

Himachal Pradesh and Hydropower Projects

Survey and Documentation of Brackish Water Algal Diversity from East Coast Region of Odisha, India

Phyco-diversity Assessment of Bahuda River Mouth Areas of East Coast of Odisha, India

Screening of Fresh Water Microalgae from Eastern Region of India

Idol Immersion Makes Ganga Polluted

Environmental Microbial Biotechnology - Springer

Himalayas – Water for 1.3 Billion People

Interlinking of Rivers in India – An Ambitious Project

Australian Firm to Help with Ganga River Project

Phytoremediation Studies for Removal of Copper & Chromium Using Azolla Pinnata and Water Hyacinth

PCB Summons Owners of Paper Mills to Discuss Ganga Pollution

Sovereign India on Water Infrastructure

Eearth : We do what we believe

Assessment of Growth Zones of Otoliths in Sperata Aor (Bagridae) Inhabiting the River Ganga, India

Study of Water Quality in Hindon River, India

Groundwater Flow Modeling in a Part of Ganga-Yamuna Interfluve Region

Groundwater System Simulation and Management Using Visual MODFLOW and Arc-SWAT

Seasonal Variability of Grain Size, Weathering Intensity, & Provenance of Channel Sediments

River Ganga Healing Effect Demystified

Cabinet Gives Clean Ganga Mission Power to Fine Polluters

New Study to Probe 'Special' Properties of Ganga

Concrete & Environmental Sustainability

MoU to Promote Organic Farming along Ganga

Ganga Water Has Heavy Metal and Pesticide Traces

Gangetic Dolphins Got Blind due to Pollution

Ganges Floods 'Break Previous Records'

Technologies for Weather Modification: Integrating UAS

South Asia's Groundwater Too Contaminated to Use

New Low-cost Tech for 'Namami Gange'

Smart Ganga City Programme Launched

Rivers' Surfaces Covered by Transparent Photo-Voltaic Panels?

Engineer's 3,000 km Walk to Chronicle Life by the Ganga

Life in Ganga is in Crisis

Dispute over Ganga Hydropower Projects

Glacier Impact on Ganga

Using Ganga River to Transport Cars

Committee Drafting New 'Ganga Act' Conservation Policy

Expression of Interest (EOI) for Project Management Unit (PMU)

No Untreated Sewage To Be Disposed In Ganga By 2020

Strategic Approach to Ganga Cleaning

Hidden Fault Beneath Ganges Delta Could Trigger 'Megaquake'

Law to Punish Those Polluting Ganga

Dangers of Rising Ganga

Microbial Techniques for Clean Water

Namami Gange Project - first impact by October

Data on Ganga River Water to go Public

Expression of Interest -Treatment of the drains joining River Ganga through innovative technology

Indian Govt to come out with the "Ganga Act" in the Future

Climate Change Pushing New Generations to Poverty

Govt invites scientists to showcase tech for Ganga clean-up

'ECOTEC PROCESS, Sewage Water to Drinking Water

'ECOTEC PROCESS, Sewage Water to Drinking Water

'ECOTEC PROCESS, Sewage Water to Drinking Water

Dams might have Negative Influence on River Ganges, says Water Resource Ministry of India

Ganga Action Plan – How Poorly Planned Sewage Treatment Plants Led To Overall Plan Failure

Soon, data on Ganga pollution on NMCG website

Creating wealth from waste - Conversion of sewage into drinking water demonstrated

Labs Study Healing Powers of Ganga

'ECOTEC PROCESS, Sewage Water to Drinking Water

Ganga Bank Across 5 States to be Made Open-Defecation Free

Ganga ministry invites bids for surface cleaning

Review and monitoring meet for Dolphin Conservation Education Programme

India Plans to Sell Ganges Water Online

Cleaning Up China’s Polluted Pearl River

Click picture and help Ganga to get cleaned!

Rural Sanitation Initiatives for Ganga Rejuvenation in Jharkhand


Release of Sewage Into River Ganga Major Issue says NEERI

State prepares DPR on river side forestry intervention​

Gangetic dolphin gets new conservation programme

Design of cost efficient filtration cartridge for the removal of arsenic and iron


Water Purification using REED Bed System

Magnetic Water Conditioner

Massive project to divert Ganges

The Future Of Water : Bio-filter Technology for Water Recovery from Sewage

The Future Of Water : Bio-filter Technology for Water Recovery from Sewage

BioCleaner - 100% Green Water Treatment

Industrial Waste Flow Into Ganga Down By 35%: Prakash Javadekar

Thank you

India's dying mother

Tanneries, the Ganges and how WWF is driving change

Ganga rejuvenation: Panel for new body to monitor work

Government Launches Rural Sanitation Initiatives for Ganga Rejuvenation in Jharkhand

Rejuvenating Ganga: Challenges and Opportunities in Institutions, Technologies and Governance

Sewage treatment plants for clean Ganga

Cleaning up the mighty Ganga

Ultrasonic Mission to Save the Ganges River Dolphin

The modular breakwater-power plant.

White Paper: Urban Wastewater Public-Private Partnerships in India

Trade-offs between the water supply and healthy river of Red River in Vietnam

s::can and Aaxis Win Data Supply Contract for Indian Clean Ganga Project

Clean Ganga Mission: Lessons we can learn from Europe's Rhine river cleaning

Centre for Ganga River Basin Management and Studies launched in Delhi

India - Germany join hands to clean river Ganga

Penalty for Spreading Pollution Water

White Paper on urban wastewater PPPs released

Implementation of the National Hydrology Project

17-year-old Won $150,000 for Her Ingenious Method of Cleaning Polluted Streams

Cleaning Ganga is Not Impossible

Is India Facing Its Worst-ever Water Crisis?

Zero Discharge STP - New Benchmark Set

Geospatial Technology Support for National Mission for Clean Ganga

NGT Seeks Complete Data on Sewage Discharged in Ganga

Need to Bridge the Critical Knowledge Gaps to Arrest Groundwater Depletion

Groundwater Rechargeability and Critical Knowledge Gaps

Groundwater Occurrence - Public Perception of its Availability in India

Status of Groundwater Management Approaches and Associated Problems in India

Groundwater Occurrence - Public Perception of its Availability in India

Groundwater Ethics to Protect it from Depletion in India

Ganga clean-up plan in two months: Bharti

5 States Launching Massive Plantation Drive along River Ganga

Ganga River Dolphin on Verge of Extinction

International Body Optimistic about Government's Ganga Clean-up Initiative

Clean Ganga: No Environmental Clearances Granted In The Last 2 Years

How much of the problem will the new sewerage infrastructure solve?

Hybrid Annuity based PPP – who actually carries the risk?

Clean Ganga programme of Govt of India

Government to set up 20 recycling plants along the Ganga, says Nitin Gadkari

Clean Ganga: Cow Dung Cakes May Replace Wood for Cremation

RFQ - shortlisting of Transaction Advisor for Sewerage wastewater treatment & reuse of treated water

Mission Ganga Cleaning - Update.

Budget allocation for Water Resources Ministry increased by 168 percent

River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation conduct a national-level essay competition

River Cleaning "Ro-Boat" to Rescue Maili Ganga?

Flood plains of India - Flood damage data

NGT imposes Rs 30 lac fine on U'khand unit for polluting Ganga

Mobilising the community to protect water resources

Simply put: Aims and hurdles of cleaning the Ganga

Of dead cows and the Ganga: The paradox of religion

These Floating Islands Aren't Real--But They Are Cleaning Up Rivers

Ganga pollution: NGT asks industries why they shouldn't be shut

5 Major Causes of Water Pollution in India

Ganga water quality has improved: Study

Changes in water quality index of Ganges river at different locations in Allahabad

Paper: Water quality of the River Ganga (The Ganges) and some of its physico-chemical properties

Hydrological Dataset : IIT Guwahati - Modeling for Ganga river

Hydrological Dataset : IIT Delhi - Modeling for Upper Yumuna

Pollution Threat to river Ganga

IIT-Roorkee to help UP govt develop Gomti riverfront on global pattern

Mobile app to aid Clean Ganga Mission


Namami Gange Programme Details

Clean Ganga Fund - NAMAMI GANGE: Mission Ganga Rejuvenation

Automatic Water Quality Monitoring on the River Ganga

What is WWF doing to save the Ganga Dolphin

Community Conservation Projects: The best hope for saving the endangered Gangetic dolphin

‘Dolphin’ school teachers’ review meet

Community activities in ‘Dolphin’ villages

Status Of Grossly Polluting Industries (GPI)

Ganges River Dolphin – Conservation Education Programme

Automatic Water Quality Monitoring on the River Ganga - Planning to have 113 stations

NGT Bans Plastic from Gomukh to Haridwar to Clean Ganga

Centre Plans Trash Cleaning Machines, Law on Ganga Rejuvenation

Is Corporatisation The Way to Clean Ganga?

Eight Central Ministries Join Hands for the Ambitious Clean Ganga Mission

Seechewal Model for Clean Ganga

Aims and Hurdles of Cleaning the Ganga

Android App to Track Ganga Pollution

Half the Total Sewage Discharged into Ganga

Install Flow Meters in Tanneries: Uma Bharati

Central Funds for Dolphin Census

500m Area Along Ganga Becomes a Litter-free Zone

Ganga Rejuvenation Cannot Be Modelled on Foreign Rivers

River Cleaning Projects Appraised Under Ganga Mission

Haryana reduces water supply

Low Taxes to corporates for Joining Clean Ganga Mission

IITians suggested Eco-tech for Ganga

Floating Hospital in the Stream of Ganga

Special Trash Skimmer technology for cleaning Ganga

Drains choking Ganga

Dead bodies found in river Gnaga

State model for Clean Ganga drive

Germany commits millions for Ganga project

No Power for Ganga Polluting Tanneries

Indian Govt Signed MoU with World Bank for Clean Ganga

Clean Ganga in two years - says Bharati